August 5, 2009

# 4 Memorable thing about Tahoe: Eating Habits

Burgers.. fries... mashed potatoes...steak. All fall in my "favorite foods" group.

Growing up in the Midwest, these foods are the normal lunch/dinner menu. You just have to decide if you want fried or deep fried.

California is definitely a different culture. Eating healthy is a necessity. While on my 10 week excursion, we only had friend chicken once, mashed potatoes once, steak .. NEVER!

The dinner table consisted of: hummus, avocado, sprouts, fruits and tap water. Healthy was the word, and my stomach grew accustom to the change.

Going back to my hometown and trying to eat my normal foods was a BAD idea. Bubble guts doesn't describe what kind of turmoil my tummy has been in since the diet change.

Eating healthy is a great idea and is recommend. It's just easier to go through the McDonald's drive thru and order a #1 with no pickles and a coke.